Who we vote into office directly affects the policies that are passed and should be representative of all New Mexico communities. Our democracy works best when all eligible voters can safely and consistently exercise their freedom to vote without barriers.

The 2023 Voting Rights Act reflects the will and desire of New Mexicans to have a secure, fair, and equitable voting process. Each component of the Act are common sense voting protections, ensuring eligible New Mexicans’ constitutional right to vote.



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“Our Democracy is in clear danger and it’s time to protect and defend it. With increasing acts of political intimidation, violence, and terrorism, the likes of which we’ve seen in Otero County where residents experienced voter intimidation at their homes, multiple New Mexico elected officials supporting the January 6th insurrection, and the most horrid act of Pena shooting at elected officials homes, the threats to our democracy are clear. It’s critical that, at such an unstable time for our democratic society, we pursue expanding and protecting our democracy so all eligible voters have access to legitimate forms of civic engagement and political action and the NM Voting Rights Act is a good step in that direction.” — Alissa Barnes, Executive Director, ProgressNow New Mexico

“Every year, our communities are reminded of just how important our civic participation is to ensure we have a say in shaping our lives through local, state, and federal decisions. This is because through our civic engagement we are able to decide the direction of our communities toward a more just and equitable society. Now more than ever, we must continue to uplift BIPOC, Immigrant, LGBTQ+, workers, youth & women electorate voices to build the present and future we know we deserve!” Aline Castelan, Campaign & Projects Director, Dreams in Action NM & The Semilla Project

“Our democracy is strengthened when people from all backgrounds are empowered to participate in it, especially through voting. In a time when we are witnessing relentless attacks on our democracy and election denialism, we must take steps to protect our voting rights. This bill will do that by improving access to voting and making it easier for historically disenfranchised communities to become involved in civic engagement. We commend Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver, Speaker Martinez, and Senator Duhigg for their leadership and commitment to strengthening our democracy.” Oriana Sandoval, CEO,  Center for Civic Policy

“Trans and Queer New Mexicans have fought for our equality for decades. In the last two years LGBTQ people, especially youth, have been under fierce attacks across the country. This modernization of our elections and voting systems is critical to working towards our liberation. We already have to fight for basic human rights. Voting shouldn’t be yet another one. We should all be fighting to make our democracy the best it should be!” — Marshall Martinez, CEO, Equality New Mexico

As other states around the nation pass laws specifically to undermine our democracy and limit voter access to the most vulnerable and marginalized communities, New Mexico has the opportunity to lead the way to ensure all New Mexicans have a fair, secure and equitable voting process. New Mexicans value equity and the common sense protections for eligible voters in the Voting Rights Act are a step in the right direction to ensure that New Mexico’s democracy is as inclusive as possible– regardless of our demographics, economic status, and geography.” — Rosalinda Dorado, Civic Engagement Coordinator, El CENTRO Poder y Acción & El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos

Civic engagement is how I have broken the cycle of recidivism for myself. Every citizen should have a voice and the ability to participate in fair and safe elections regardless of social or economic status; every citizen should have the ability to represent themselves. My right to vote means that I am a full citizen and that I belong in this community. By passing the Voting Rights Act, we are making our elections more accessible and ensuring that every citizen has the representation and human dignity we deserve.” — Justin Allen, Inclusive Democracy Organize, OLÉ

“Native Americans face obstacles at every turn throughout the political process. This bill will increase voter participation and access across the state by addressing many of these barriers with provisions for Native American voters, while also protecting and expanding the right to vote to every eligible New Mexican voter.” Ahtza D. Chavez. Executive Director, NM Native Vote

“In our democracy the right to vote without barriers and regardless of your background, geography, or demographics is as important as the right to clean air, and access to our public lands. Ensuring that every eligible New Mexican voice, in all communities, is heard in our democratic process is what the New Mexico Voting Right Act is about. New Mexico Wild stands behind this bill, and will continue to advocate for protecting voting rights and guaranteeing an inclusive voting process.” —- Mark Allison, Executive Director, New Mexico Wild Action Fund

The Voting Rights Act will ensure that everyone, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status, has the ability to vote for and elect leaders that will act on issues that affect them. With the threats from climate change to our quality of life ever increasing, marginalized communities continue to be impacted the hardest. It’s crucial that every eligible voter can participate in a democracy that works for everyone and for future generations.” — Miya King-Flaherty, Organizing Representative, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter

“We know that meaningful change only happens when the people directly impacted by the decisions are the leaders in creating them. Expanding voting rights is essential if we want policies and a democracy that truly reflect the needs and opinions of all New Mexicans.” — Jade Waskow, Communications & Training Coordinator, New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

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